Two Novel Anti-Infective Technologies

For Chronic Wounds and Skin Disorders

An Inorganic Multivalent Compound (AMV404™) and an Organic Multivalent Compound (AMV203™).

Mechanism of action is electro-chemical in both compounds.

Both are non-cytotoxic at therapeutic concentrations.

Both may be immune to microbial resistance and mutation strategies.

Both eliminate microbial loads up to 6X faster than other antimicrobials.

Initial clinical data suggests that both compounds, incorporated into an ointment base, can support faster elimination of bioburden, closure of wounds, and help reduce pain associated with infection.

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Welcome to Aspiera Medical

Aspiera Medical is a new company with significant potential in the global wound care market. Research demonstrates the extraordinary effectiveness of our technology platform. We welcome discussions with companies interested in exploring clinical research collaborations.

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