Terrasil Infection Control Wound Care

Combination of Functions: Protects the skin and maintains moisture balance without fear of maceration while providing more effective control of microbial colonization and tissue invasion to support faster healing of wounds and damaged skin. Apparently non-cytotoxic even with extended use.

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Welcome to Aspiera Medical

Aspiera Medical is a division of Aidance Scientific. Our company is rooted in over ten years of research and product development with one purpose: to offer products to the medical community that support faster healing for wounds and skin infections.

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“The data was compelling! In one of the Terrasil wounds there was so little bacterial protease we couldn’t even get a reading! In the other, there was a log of 1—meaning a negligible amount of infection or biofilm! All the wounds being treated with other products had typical logs ranging from moderate to high.” Thomas Serena